tiny bubbles

17 Jan 2007

reebok polka dot and wesc hoodies

I don’t know about about you but we have been freezing our collective butts off up here in northern california. in the east and midwest, people want big thick sweaters in this type of weather. but up here, people are less into bulky clothes and more into layering – maybe it’s because with lots of lighter layers, we can instantly adapt to whatever the weather brings and wear all our favorite duds all year round.

that’s why we love the hoodies so much. too cold? throw a hoodie on under your jacket, too warm? take your jacket off and you’re still wearing something to keep you warm in the windy afternoon. but to pull this off you have to have hoodies that look good on their own, as well as layered under something else. in a never ending quest for things both warm and stylin, here’s a few more hoodies for you to consider.

reebok and karmaloop mix it up with an all over print. this time a random pattern of white dots on a black hoodie might make you look like a monochrome clown if it wasn’t for huge thick panels of blue to set it off. double layered, this one sure to be warm on it own, but this will look bold as hell when wear it under something else too. it’s pretty expensive, but see the bonus below to make it more affordable, mmkay?

Buy from Karmaloop

looking for something a little more subtle? (and alot more affordable?) we are the superlative conspiracy aka WESC has a simple grey hoodie with their logo across the back. the solid color makes it a solid choice for layering. the simple logo adds just the right bit of style without making you into a label whore should you go out rocking the hoodie alone during warmer months.

Buy from Karmaloop

bonus. i’ve gotten the karmaloop hookup. if you haven’t bought anything there before, you should be able to get 20% off your first time ’round by entering “EN9853” in the “rep code” box at check out. if it’s not your first purchase, you still get 10% off. disclosure: by doing this you may also would be supporting bold swaths.


mmmm, massage

17 Jan 2007

oka b mens sport flip flop

i know it’s winter and you’re thinkin “what the hell is he doing posting friggin flip flops today.” but really, there’s never a bad time to pick up a new pair. you need something to keep your feet off those cold bare floors right? plus, it’ll be great to have a swank new pair when you head to warmer climes for spring break. and hell, maybe some of you are in oz right now laughing at me as i freeze my butt off.

it may not look like much but anyone who’s worn a pair of adissage flip flops can tell you that the little nubs that both support and massage your feet are wonderful. oka B doesn’t over-do it, limiting the nubs to the parts of your feet that will appreciate the massage, not the parts you put all your weight on (which is what makes the adissage uncomfortable at first). plus these oka B flip flops are more environmentally friendly – they’re antibacterial, making your environment nicer since they won’t get funky, and they’re made with recycled materials, making everyone’s environment a little cleaner.

buy from Oka B

take a chance

14 Jan 2007

steve alan selvidge jeans

don’t get me wrong, i’m not over boot cut jeans. i still think they’re a good choice for pretty much every guy, but some guys aren’t comfortable with a flared bottom, no matter how slight. one thing i’ve learned recently is if you can pull off a relatively close fitting pair of jeans (and not all of us can, it’s ok) that a slightly, i repeat slightly, tapered at the bottom can make you look even slimmer and taller. a boon for us short guys!

i’ve tried g-star’s radar narrow and love ’em, but they’re tough to find for a good price. so i was browsing refinery 29 for some dressier clothes to show y’all and stumbled onto a sale on steve alan slim jeans. the shop says they’re “the sleekest, narrow cut that’s not too skinny.” so i’m hoping that our squat-enhanced asses fit into them, but i have never tried a pair on. that’s right, i’m recommending them sight unseen because they’re a good price, a good finish, and they look like a good cut. if you decide to bite the bullet and try these out, be sure to let us know how they work!

buy from refinery 29

ben brings us back

31 Dec 2006

happy new year, men! thanks for keeping bold swaths in your bookmarks or rss even though i didn’t give you much to read these past few months. i’m not waiting for new years to officially arrive to keep my promise to myself and all of you and bring this baby back to life IN FULL FORCE. so here we go.

ben sherman helped jump start our return with an end of the year online sale that found its way into my mailbox yesterday. you can’t go wrong with a nice shirt from ben. and right now ben’s gonna let you change your stripes on the cheap.

ben sherman striped shirts

if you’re feeling slim, the gouty (what a name, eh?) has got rockabilly cool written all over it. grey with imperfect dark red stripes that just says cuff your jeans high, put on a pair of black boots and get out the pomade. bonus points if you have a rockin motorcycle jacket or some tattoos on your arms. if you’re not feelin slim but are feeling mighty buff, you can get away with this one if you’re willing to leave the top few buttons open. maybe wear a wife beater underneath.

buy from ben sherman

if you’re not feeling skinny, that’s cool. the richman is light breezy tailored shirt that gives you a few months to get to the gym (new year’s resolution?) before pulling it out on spring vacation or come the warm months. the color will show off your new tan, and the cut, which is narrow at the waist but full around the chest, will show off your hard work.

buy from ben sherman

there’s more hotness on sale there too. if classic surf-era polos are your thing, the foxton is a winner. warning, this is cut really slim. still need a jacket to keep out the cold? herringbones and tweeds are gonna be hot for the next 12 months. pickup up this old military style jacket for a warm and fashion-forward late winter.

patagonia jetstream

winters in the northwest are not really winter so much as rainy season. in portland they don’t get rain so much as drizzle, but in seattle and san francisco, we get us some serious friggin wetness. some days the heavens will just open up… for hours. and you can’t always stay inside.

the jetstream is the most perfect rain jacket i could find. it has the same water proof rating and advanced technology as jackets that cost twice as much from burton or oakley. in fact, it’s even more high tech than those, it’s just not quite as hip in the style department – though in black it doesn’t look nerdy or outdoorsy. it has welded seams instead of sewn and taped ones. it has waterproof stretch panels under the shoulders and pit zips so you can wear it for more athletic pursuits. it and it has the most adjustable hood i’ve ever seen other than on montbel jackets.

warning. the jetstream is cut slim. very slim. if you pack on pounds in the winter and have to add layers, you might want to pay more for the burton continuum, which had a slightly more generous cut (seriously, not by much). or if you think you need to order up a size, check out the awesome deal on last year’s continuum, which fit much looser. if you are generally slim but have a big chest or shoulders, the jetstream’s stretchy panels have you covered.

really the only shortcoming about the jetstream the length. it’s only a jacket, so it comes about halfway down your butt. it is not a coat. i actually went looking for a coat length thing first, because nothing sucks more than wet thighs. i checked out the north face premeire line, which features a number of coat length models but the cheapest waterproof one is $750. YEOUCH! so my suggestion is get one these jackets since they’re so packable you can carry them all the time and put a little of the dough you saved into a good umbrella, like the nanonuno.

buy from patagonia

grey v neck sweaters

some things you just can’t go wrong with. a decent grey v neck sweater looks good on any man at any time. it’s perfect for any cool weather and any occasion. in short, you should own more than one.

the banana republic heritage v neck is a toasty blend of wools and acrylic. it has knitted bars that give it that old school university feeling and old school fit too. it has style and a bit of individuality, but it’s such a classic that you’ll be able to wear it forever and no one will doubt your taste.

buy from banana republic

the rvca bueller is a darker grey and a lighter cotton – making it perfect for west coast winters. plus it’s named after one of the funniest movies from the 80s. do you need a better reason?

buy from dogfunk 

hooded sweaters

something about the hooded sweater says surf and snowboard all at once. not that they’re much different, it’s just the state of the water. either way, the world needs more hooded sweaters, and more people in them. i mean it only makes sense. if you wear sweaters when it’s cold out, then a hood would come in awfully handy, even if it’s just to keep your neck a degree or two warmer.

the burton comrade is wool and cotton woven like a classic sweater, and that old school look is in right now (see previous sweater recommendations with cable knits and shit). it even has patches on the elbows, like a good old utilitarian sweater should. but burton mixes things up with a nice cut and a cool patch on the back of the shoulder for a modern touch that’s not absurd. i think the red is a winner, the tan is so utterly classic that it shouldn’t be ignored.

buy from sierra trading post

if you’re looking for something dressier, more upscale but still comfortable and durable, then banana republic has the ticket. a cashmere and merino hoodie that has classic good looks that dress up any pair of pants. i have had one of these for years and swear it use the most useful and best fitting thing i own. you will get complements every time you wear this out this out, i swear.

buy from banana republic 

better button up

2 Nov 2006

remember when you were a little kid and everyone had the same parka? it was was a blue or green nylon jacket with a zipper and button loops with a big fake-fur hood. they were usually so big they came down to your thighs. yah i remember playgrounds full of them.

now kids and adults alike are rocking the parka again. those in colder, snowier climes may go for the traditional long parka, but those of us who are a little bit rock’n’roll can now look good in a shorter jacket-length version. these things are seriously big pimpin. they’re toasty warm and stylish as hell. trust.

If you live in an seriously cold environment, your winter jacket has to be equally serious, and no one knows this better than burton. vermont gets friggin cold, my friends. the analog cyro2 (analog is a burton brand) is the perfect jacket for those of you who need some cold weather protection but still want to look good. it’s goose down stuffed inside a seriously waterproof. as a nice touch, you can zip out the faux fur hood lining if it’s too wet out or you just can’t rock the fur. but trust me when i say a fur hood keeps your head seriously toasty. the wood camo is as hip as hip can get, but you can always buy the white one if you need something a bit more conservative. just no black, ok?

buy from dogfunk

for urban dwellers who need to battle the cold, but not 550 fill power goose down cold, Alpha offers the N3-B military replica Parka. we’re not a fan of the black, but damn if this jacket isn’t perfect in every other way. it’s filled with polyester instead of goose down, and the shell isn’t quite as water proof, but it’s less than half the price and looks totally bad ass. i mean didn’t bill murray wear this jacket in stripes? what better reason do you need?

buy from karmaloop

spiewak makes a slightly more luxe version of the parka from your youth. it’s still long and nylon, but the cut is a bit narrower and the hood is lined with real fur. for those in wetter climes, this might actually be the best choice since the long cut will help keep your thighs dry.

buy from karmaloop

worth every penny

29 Oct 2006

when was the last time you spent 10 bucks for 6 pairs of socks, let alone 1 pair. $10 socks? what the hell am i thinking! you know i would never suggest you pay more just to pay more. but sometimes paying more gets you something extra worth paying for. and that, my friends, is the 10 dollar socks.

a long time ago wigwam started a brand of high end athletic socks called ultimax. the entire sock was different from anything you’ve slipped on before. there was no seam on the toe to give you blisters. there was a stretchy bit under the arch of your foot that kept the sock from bunching, and instead of cotton, the socks were made of light wool and spandex.  those socks were CRAZY expensive.

but now you can get the same sock from wigwam for 10 bucks. and it’s dark grey. and unless you’re wearing black pants and black shoes, grey is a good color for socks. (ok there’s a few other exceptions, but gimme a break!) these will keep your feet warm and comfortable inside whatever shoes or boots you decide on for the winter.

buy from fresh pair 


29 Oct 2006

kenneth cole army gear

some things require no explanation or debate among men, they are universal truths – a ducati 916 is simply beautiful. kate beckinsale looks good in PVC. and army boots are a totally acceptable choice of footwear. especially newer high tech ones with the leather bottoms, cordura tops and high tech soles. thank you oakley. we owe you one!

and  we all owe kenneth cole too. he’s taken the classic army boot fit and style and dressed it up enough that you can wear it out. he’s kept all the classic touches like a stiff lower, and broken in top, speed laces and of course the shiny black leather. but he’s also dressed it up a bit and made it a bit easier to deal with. check out the full length side zipper, for instance. now it won’t take you 10 minutes just to get your boots off. and the brown is a nice altenative to the oh so predictable classic black.

buy from village shoes

buy from macy’s

big john

29 Oct 2006

flannel shirts
fall is a great time for layers. you get to throw on 3 or 4 of your favorite shirts / sweaters / jackets at once! i realize fall is nearly over, but it looks like this winter is going to rock the layers too, especially with a few jackets that take me back to my hardcore youth.

i flew the flannel, and this winter, you better too. all the hipper designers are dressin up dudes in classic lumberjack / fargo style flannel. but we’re not suckers like that. go buy the real shit and it’ll cost less and be warmer too! you gotta go for the lined flannel in winter time and throw it over like 3 shirts and a hoodie. top it off with a down vest and you’ll be toasty warm and the envy of every hipster who thought he was so original when he bought that $120 flannel shirt some little shop the other day.

the moose creek edmonton is just about the perfect lined flannel. the pattern is huge, the pockets are diagonal, and it’s got a quilted lining. it’s the truckers’ special and the inspiration for this post’s title. big john’s was a trucker store where i used to buy these.

buy from cabela’s 

if you want more of a jacket and less of a shirt, look no further than the moose creek ponderosa. it has a flocked lining to keep you warm like those corduroy jackets everyone is wearing, only the plaid flannel says you know what’s rockin this year.

buy from overstock.com 

bonus! combine it all together, including the hoodie you’d throw on underneath with one jacket from dickies.

buy from overstock.com

change your stripes

27 Oct 2006

samba classic slime
i don’t want to start a sneaker war, i know there are people who are loyal to just one brand. but other than airheads (as in nike air), i don’t think anyone will deny the classic good looks of the adidas samba. they’re the right thing for almost any season and any occasion, especially the black ones. but these days, all the cool kids are rockin kicks in crazy bright colors.

these are the perfect comprise – the black shoe is still versatile and a little dressy, but the stripes are dayglo green instead of the usual white, lending these a little more street cred than your usual sambas. i don’t know who at adidas or zappos (they’re exclusive to the online shoe seller) is responsible for this combo. but i would like to give him or her a big sloppy kiss

buy from zappos